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What is A Journey to Fullness?

A Journey to Fullness is an Orthodox Christian series developed to introduce people to the Orthodox Christian faith. It was developed as a tool for use within Orthodox parishes to:
• help prepare inquirers to become catechumens
• introduce inquirers to the depth and beauty of the Orthodoxy Christian faith
• serve as a point-of-entry for people searching for a safe, unchanging spiritual home
• provide a high-quality, easy to use, and theologically sound educational resource
• give parishes a compelling resource to shift the focus from annual fundraisers to outreach
• eliminate misunderstanding & conflict by helping Orthodox clergy speak to American Christians
• help Orthodox better explain the faith to their non-orthodox spouses
• help grow and strengthen Orthodox parishes

From Protestant Pastor to Orthodox Priest

Developed by a Protestant pastor turned Orthodox priest, A Journey to Fullness is a professionally produced video-based series and includes:
• 20 fifteen minute video programs
• a companion student workbook
• and a facilitator’s guide

Comments About the Project.

"Thank you so much for your work and for this proposed series, for your other videos, the bootcamps in particular. May God bless you and all those involved."
"I am so very excited to see this series completed. What a wonderful project this is."
"We can't wait to see the finished production in 2016. May God be with you & all involved in this timely & beautiful project we hope, God willing, will enlighten the souls of many."
  • Is a turn-key outreach tool your parish can use immediately.
  • Delivers high quality production value that communicates both the value of the material and the commitment to excellence Americans expect.
  • Features engaging content to communicate the timeless faith for the average person.
  • Is well thought out and theologically sound.
  • Has been tried and tested in Orthodox parishes around the world.

Still Not Sure If You Want To Give?

No Worries. If You Give A Gift Of Just $50 Or More You'll

Get A FREE 10 Minute Teaching Video

That's right. If you give a gift of $50 or more to A Journey to Fullness you can download a full, 10 minute teaching video for FREE. This video is one part of a two part series on the Trinity we titled, "When We Say God". It's one of my favorite sessions to teach and as you can see, we had a wonderful audience in a beautiful temple.  

More than anything else, this will show you exactly what the teaching portion of these videos will be. Again, the 10 minute teaching video is my gift to you as a THANK YOU for your donation of $50 or more to A Journey to Fullness.

It is my prayer that with your help, we can create a tool that will bring others to the fullness of the ancient Christian faith.


Fr. Barnabas Powell